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Orgy Penis Massage Oil - Natural Penis Enlargement

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penis massage oil penis enlargement

During some of the intimate sessions, male performance is often disrupted by few concerns like size of the genital organ, erectile dysfunction, which often results in termination of spontaneous love making. On the other hand, a larger and fuller penis, is capable of boosting up the confidence level in males. is believed that, bigger size of male reproductive organ is capable of satisfying the female partner better.

Orgy penis massage oil is a completely herbal and natural formulation with no side effects, which enhances the size of male genital organ and in turn performance during the intercourse. Certain exercises recommended to enhance the blood circulation and volume of blood held within the erectile tissues of male reproductive organ

When a man is sexually aroused, erection is supported by the sudden rush of blood in penis erectile tissues. It has been indicated that, if the erectile tissues are encouraged to retain greater volume of blood than it could normally accommodate, then the size of male genital organ increases incredibly both erect and flaccid conditions.

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Orgy Penis Massage Oil : Recommended Exercises: Increase Penis Size

Lubrication forms an important part of any exercise. Orgy penis massage oil is a commonly used herbal lubricant for enhancing the size and strength of male reproductive organ. Some of the recommended exercises are listed below -

Jelqing (Milking) Exercise - This is a simple but essential exercise, which depends largely on applying a milking motion, through the length of the penile shaft in a semi erect condition. This is further supported by thumb and forefinger, which surround the base and encircles it gently. Partial erection is maintained by moderately firm grip, to ensure that blood is securely trapped in the muscular tissues. The grip hand is then allowed to slide in the forward direction, along the length of the shaft, with moderate pressure, forcing as much blood into the area of erectile tissue as possible. As this motion reaches the end of the penile shaft, the alternate hand is made to repeat the process. Each stoke takes about 1-2 seconds. Orgy penis massage oil, helps in providing lubrication, so that the gripping hand can easily slide along the length of the penile shaft without any resistance.

Male Support - Male support acts as a stimulator, which enhances the flow of blood in the erectile tissues of penile shaft, resulting in greater erection for better intercourse. Due to regular stimulation, the penile muscles get acquainted to the process of inflow of extra amount of blood, during sexual arousal phase, and accordingly the erectile tissues increases in size so as to accommodate the extra volume of blood. This in turn enhances size, performance time, pleasure, vigor, power and virility. Most of the penis enlargement exercises are carried out during non-arousal or flaccid condition. This technique of massaging involves grasping of the apex region (head) of the penis and gently pulling it forward. Stretching should not be done to the point of pain, but to just pull it to its maximum comfortable limit. This stretching exercise needs to be done for about 10-15 times and each stretch must be retained for about 15 seconds before relaxing. This can be done twice daily.

Ballooning Exercise - Another technique to obtain larger erection and size is by ballooning of male reproductive organ. This method involves prolonging of ejaculation process or releasing time. So the basic idea is to discover the strategy to last longer or prolong ejaculation. This can be achieved by seizing the ejaculation about 4-6 times during the intercourse session. If it becomes difficult to hold back the ejaculation from releasing early, then male support capsules are recommended to enhance male endurance. During the aroused state, the massaging technique is adopted for the penile shaft, base, groins and scrotal sacs, to enhance the blood flow in these organs. Holding back the ejaculation accelerates the metabolization of testosterone. The ejaculation must be held back about 4-5 times before the semen is released. Practicing this exercise, stimulates the growth of corpora cavernosa, the spongy tissue of penis shaft. On regular practice, people can gain a size of about 1-3 inches.

Orgy penis massage oil, when combined with above mentioned exercises, provides great deal of advantages in improving the health of male genital organs. This is due to the flow of extra amount of blood into the erectile tissues. This product helps male genital organs to hold that extra volume of blood and obtain desired results.

Orgy Penis Massage Oil : Natural Penis Enlargement

Orgy penis massage oil acts as revitalizing oil, consisting of most valuable Ayurvedic herbs. These herbs serves to stimulate body, mind and reproductive organs to obtain better results during love making process. The stamina and energy required to perform the act of intense love is increased greatly with the help of this product. Erection can be obtained for longer duration of time and also overcomes the problem of premature ejaculation. This product is for tropical use and exhibits minimum side effects.

Orgy Penis Massage Oil : Ingredients: Increase Penis Size

Orgy penis massage oil consist of following ingredients -




Weer bahuti


Kali mirch


Lata kasturi

Chameli ka taila

Karpaas beej taila

Sarson ka taila

Within 1-4 weeks, results are shown as an increase in the width and long lasting erections of male genital organ. In the next 4-8 weeks, further increase in length takes place. In 9+ weeks, the erection and length of the male genital organ become very noticeable.


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